Who’s That Chick?

A Photo of Me Alex “Chicky Baby” Landers is a writer, artist, blogger, stylist, comedian and all around Creative Pro (a title she made up).

For credibility’s sake, know that she is an award-winning Playwright, has been granted a Master’s Degree in dramatic writing (*plus, is generally dramatic) from Florida State University, and received her Bachelor’s (with honors!) in Cinema Studies all the way back in 2009 at the University of Illinois.

What this means to you? Alex is a working entrepreneur, eschewing the traditional 9-5, and choosing to live her life with a commitment and dedication to Creativity. Why? Because it makes her Happy, for one. But also, because dropping everything and learning to play has made her the most productive, engaged and incredibly motivated she’s ever been in her career. And she hopes she can give a little of that feeling back to you.

OuttathePlayhouse is the imaginative construct of a Chick with Artist-Ambitions and Fairy-Tale dreams. The goal of this little nook in the Blog-O-Sphere is to detail how one goes about living a creative life. As “The Chick,” Alex is dedicated to spreading the mantra of PLAY over work, and hopefully, inspires even those who love their full-time desk jobs to use a little artistic-wisdom once in a while, and see their work-life become a time for play, discovery and delightful exploration.

Located sometimes in Southeast Connecticut, and flocking other days to her nest in the Chicago suburbs, you’ll find Alex covering art, feminism, style, and being yourself. Stop by several times a week for new artist introductions, helpful how-to’s, works in progress, and the ever-popular #TheatreThursday.

Want to work with Alex more directly? Email for a Creative Consult, or just to chat!


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