Inside the Playhouse: Flowers + Cartoons + Women, Oh My!

As I trudge back from a relaxing three-day weekend, I want to take some time to reflect on all that’s been going on here in the studio for the last few weeks. It’s been a pleasantly busy (and springy!) May.

There’s been writing – a short, animated piece, starring Saffron and Squid. Commissioned flower paintings for my friend Liz – a wonderful Mother’s Day gift, if I do say so myself. Finally hanging my work on the walls of our apartment – it’s a waste to have them sit, framed and ready, sad and waiting in the closet. And lots of sketching – I’m planning to start work on three large-scale canvases I picked up last month. Normally, white space can feel pretty daunting, but with ideas in hand, I’m feeling pretty jazzed to get up and running.

Here’s a peek at the goings-on:


I have a lot planned for the coming weeks. If you didn’t already get the memo, I’m publishing some of my “creative entrepreneur” posts over on if you pop over, you’ll notice last week’s essay on getting the most out of your sick days is getting some play. I’ll be sharing over there anything relevant to millennial culture (whatever that is… aren’t we still inventing that as we go?), and crafting some articles just for them. So make sure to take a peek, and follow me on Facebook so you can be up on the latest news.

Love the visual inspiration from these mini-galleries? Check out even more on my Pinterest page. You can watch my inspiration boards grow, keep up with my artwork, and if you message me, I’d love to let you build my collections with me.

How was your Memorial Day weekend, Playhousers? Any new projects up your sleeve? What should I be writing about to help you along your creative endeavors? 


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