Progress: Last Week’s Experiment Gets all Strung Out

Busiest week ever! And that’s really, awfully, terribly exciting. But as I conquer the new projects, I haven’t forgotten the old.

Last week’s clay and acrylic “geodes” have been strung up and turned into pendants.

Geode Pendant by Alex Landers See more at
Simple, clean lines, with a geometric flair, no?

I’ve started designing the cords with a plain cotton string – this isn’t sturdy enough for the final piece, but if gives me a way to mock-up how I want each bead to be strung, and how it should fall.

I like the simplicity of the cotton string very much, so I’ll be out hunting for a more permanent cord that accomplishes a similar look, with a bit more heft to it – don’t want these snapping off or tangling up. I love art jewelry, but it’s still got to be wearable, right?

Now it’s back to the studio. Writing, writing and more writing is happening. I’m enjoying my free trial of Skillshare (Artist taught classes, online! You can grab a free month, too!). And laying out the remnants of my Etsy shop,

Original Art by Alex Landers Find More at
Art to go!

prepping for a handmade fair in Mystic, Connecticut in a few weeks. Posts to come on art fair table design and my online art-class experience.

In unrelated news, how about this amazing piece I found just sitting pretty at the fairgrounds last weekend? A pleasant and unexpected surprise.

Found Art at the Durham, CT Fairgrounds  *Photo by Alex Landers* See more at
A little found art at the Durham, CT Fairgrounds

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