Trash to Treasure: On Using Every Last Little Bit

Mondays have become dedicated PLAY days – I get up, I do yoga, I drink tea, and then I crank up the music and make whatever I want.

This might be the only way I can make Mondays work for me. I don’t know how the rest of you 9-5ers get through them. Coffee? Minesweeper? Do they still make After Dark screensavers?

After Dark Flying Toasters!
After Dark Flying Toasters!

This week, it’s clay. I’m working with skills leftover from a high school ceramics class (it was a really good one!), but I’ve still got some craft left in me. I’ve used an air dry black clay as I have no access to a kiln. I’ve had a hard time finding an air dry medium that I actually like – paper clay is too flaky, lighter clays feel too foamy, I’m picky for no real reason except to be picky, etc. – but this dark mix by Active Plus is the right color and texture for… well, whatever it is I’m doing. And the directions are all in French + Spanish, so I can’t even know if I’m doing anything wrong! #Bonus

I’m always saving my scraps of acrylic paint off the palette and then trying to invent something to do with them. I had an art teacher once say, very smartly, that you shouldn’t paint on cardboard scraps unless you’ve got a really good f**king reason. I agree. But something about the end result of color mixing leftovers, created without any order or plan to them, is incredibly appealing to me. I can’t throw them out. So I peel them off and look for a pattern. Then, I piece together. (*Constant puzzling is just how I live my life*)

I’ve played with making jewelry pieces before, but never been completely satisfied. I’m looking for something stylish, not just art-teacher-chic (apologies to all funky art teachers – I actually really love your giant glasses and hand-dyed scarves and awesome ceramic brooches). But thus far, pretty satisfied with this process. They look like little man-made geodes, no?

Excited to string these up once they’re dry and see if there was actually a “really good f**king reason” for using these recycled bits.


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