Dobby, Studio Dog

It is supposed to be a Process Post day, but perhaps perfectly in line with how things seem to go here at The Playhouse, there’s been an interruption in that process, and I’m forced to deviate from the plan.

It is with great sadness that I say goodbye to my original creative consultant, artistic companion, taste-maker, style aficionado, and greatest critic.

My dog.

After an extremely healthy and productive 16(ish) years, the rescued chihuahua-fox terrier-greyhound-rodent-bird animal, who for so many years sat on a pillow next to whatever canvas I was working on, whatever play I was trying to finish – her time as canine ended this last week.

And now, I can only imagine, she exists somewhere in the ether. As a beautifully abstract form. The wobble in my lines.  The weird dot that wasn’t meant to be there, but looks oddly magnificent. When I think to myself, this isn’t good enough, I am not good enough, the work will never be good enough, her rather demanding and shrill bark will leap out of the empty and tell me I’m wrong.

Like any naive creative person, I did believe she’d live forever. Because beautiful things should live forever. 

And she will.

May she continue to live in the quiet strangeness of my art.

The Studio Dog on
Dobby: Studio Dog + Creative Partner

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